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"Sheltering" on view at Gallery 263's "Touchy Feely" Online Exhibit

Have a peek at Touchy Feely an online exhibition on view until May 30, 2020 Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

In a first for me, and probably most artists, a piece of my work is included in an online exhibit created solely for connection during our period of social distancing. While being solitary is typically how I (and I imagine other artists) prefer to work, it is comforting to know there is still a real-life community still here and at some point, return to. I am happy to have been included. The gallery description reads:

In this moment of social distance, our safest option is to stay away from others. It’s a necessary precaution, but many are experiencing the feelings of isolation and disconnection that this remoteness can cause. To remind us of the community we have, and will one day see again, Gallery 263 is showcasing the work of Massachusetts-based artists and students.Touchy Feely supports the belief that, even as we are sequestered, a thriving art community still stands strong.

My work in this exhibit, "Sheltering" is a digital abstract created with distancing and safety in mind, and is available as a 12" x 12" archival pigment print sealed in layers of cold wax medium, creating a subtle hand-crafted sheen.

Check out Touchy Feely at Gallery 263 here.

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